Mapusa District Hospital to have Blood Bank soon


The District Hospital at Mapusa will soon have Blood Blank, as the Directorate of Health Services (DHS) has carried out infrastructural changes required for Blood Bank as directed by Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and Central Drugs Administration and Central Drugs Standards Control Organization (CDACDSCO), Mumbai.
The staff to run the blood blank has been proposed to be appointed and the hospital is now awaiting for the receipt of license from the FDA to start the blood bank.
It may be recalled that the District Hospital was functioning without blood blank. The hospital had blood storage facilities as it has stored sufficient blood of different groups and whenever the hospital required blood of any particular group, it was procured from GMC Hospital in Bambolim.
According to hospital sources, on an average 20 operations are performed daily in the hospital. Hence, a blood blank was the need of the hour for the District Hospital.
There was a blood bank in the old Asilo Hospial and the license to operate the blood bank service was in the name of the Asilo Hospital.
When DHS decided to shift the blood bank to the District Hospital, the FDA refused to grant permission to transfer the license in the name of District Hospital. Later, the FDA inspected the facilities at the District Hospital and advised the hospital authorities to apply for blood bank service and create infrastructure as per the rules.
Acting on the directives of the FDA, the DHS created infrastructure on the second floor of the building and completed all the formalities and is now waiting for official license to start the blood blank. [H]