Mapusa garbage dumped on Assagao communidade land set on fire yet again


It is yet again after more than a  little over a  year  that  garbage containing plastic, rubber and other waste  dumped on Assagao plateau by Mapusa Municipal Council (MMC) has been set on fire, and is emitting hazardous smoke for more than last four days.

The smoke that is causing discomfort to the residents of Ganeshpuri, Housing Board and Ektanagar and some part of Siolim, is  hazardous for human health.
People from these areas and also the road users have condemned the manner in which garbage is being carelessly set on fire time and again.
Residents of Ganeshpuri have complained that smoke has been creating a health hazard for them and also it is difficult for them to step out as the air is all contaminated with toxic fumes.
The smoke was seen bellowing from the waste even on Sunday, sources informed.
“Pollution control board should take cognizance of this and save us from such disastrous situation,” said Mr Sidharth Dessai from Ganeshpuri.
The Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) had directed the Mapusa Municipality to take immediate steps to stop dumping of unsegregated waste at the Assagao plateau by deploying adequate security at the site or by requesting the police to ensure that illegal dumping of unsegregated waste was not carried out at the site. [NT]