Mapusa police hesitate on shifting


The shifting of the Mapusa police station to the fire and emergency services building to facilitate construction of a new full-fledged police station has been delayed. Work on the new building was supposed to start in December, but the shifting has not started yet.
As the Mapusa police station is in a dilapidated condition, a new building will now be constructed in the place of the old structure after it is demolished. As a result, the Mapusa police station will be shifted to the fire and emergency services building, from where it will function.
Police authorities have given permissions to the SDPO Mapusa-I to shift the police station to the fire and emergency services building.
Mapusa MLA and urban development minister Francis D'Souza had earlier said that by December 2012, work on the police station should take off. The new building at Mapusa is estimated to cost 8 crore which will have all the facilities required for the police station.
Sources informed TOI that the police are reluctant to move to the fire station assuming that the space will not be sufficient there to run the police station.
"We have received orders to shift the police station to the fire station building from SP headquarters. We will be starting the shifting soon," Mapusa DySP Serafin Dias said. "It's a temporary arrangement, we have to adjust," he added. The present Mapusa police station building is in a pathetic state. It was built during the Portuguese period, is in a dilapidated condition and is unsafe. The condition worsens during the rainy season. Large portions of the premises are either weak or in a broken condition and not safe to work in.
The Mapusa police station houses the SDPO Mapusa-I office, Mapusa police station, police barracks, residential quarters, DySP's bungalow, inspector's cabin, sub inspector's and investigation officer's cabin, lock-up, judicial lockup, CID cell, home guard cell and the traffic cell.The fire station is a ground-plus-two building with three barracks, one class room, station room and the station in-charge's office. The entire space at the fire station is utilized and there is not enough place to accommodate the police personnel, said fire station officials. Lockups at Anjuna, Calangute and Porvorim will be used for custody of criminals. [TOI]