Marcaim locals pull up gas pipeline contractor

Ponda: Marcaim locals led by Marcaim Nagrik Kruti Samithi members on Monday pulled up the contractor involved in laying of domestic gas lines for slow pace of work and demanded that the roads dug for laying of the gas pipelines be restored at the earliest.

The locals said, “At many places the pipeline is laid but the roads are not restored. It’s been two years, the work is still incomplete.”

Following complaints from the locals, the inspection of the work on gas lines and Marcaim roads was carried out by the PWD, Goa Natural Gas (P) ltd and contractor in the presence of Marcaim locals.

During the inspection, the contractor assured the locals in presence of PWD officials that the work to restore the road would be undertaken from January 15 onwards.

Marcaim Nagrik Kruti Samithi president Premanand Gaude said the contractor has dug the road to install gas lines. It has been two years now, the locals are suffering as the roads are not restored. The footpaths and pavers have been damaged causing hardship and traffic congestion.

He said, “The locals are complaining that the trenches dug on the roadside for laying the gas pipeline network have caused them severe hardship as the work has been moving at a snail’s pace and the road dug for long time is resulting in traffic jams.”

“I met the contractor and asked him to expedite the work or else to stop the same. Taking note of the locals’ grievances, the PWD directed the GNGPL to restore the roads as soon as the work on natural gas lines is complete,” he said.

The GNGPL has undertaken the work of laying of City Gas Gas Distribution (CGD) network from Kundaim NH4A Junction to Marcaim via Kundaim–Marcaim Bypass. However, the locals complain that despite the pipelines being laid, the roads are not yet restored. [H]