MARG :A creative Pathway


Goa is not just a place where you let your hair down. It is the place where creativity is born and nurtured and MARG’s special edition on Goa speaks about this very aspect that at times gets hidden behind the more commonplace glittering facade of sun, sand and beach parties. NT BUZZ on the magazine’s special Goa edition
They say a place is made by its people and what you see is just the reflection of its people. This could very well be true about Goa. It is not just a place to hold New Year celebrations. There is more to Goa than its sunny, frolicking image.
It will not be wrong to say that Goa is a hub of creativity, where Art take birth in every home. Celebrating Goa’s creative aspect, right from its literature to cuisine, is the December 2012 issue of MARG, a magazine dedicated to art and architecture. 
This special edition is edited by writer and artist Savia Viegas, who is the guest editor for this issue. 
“It is a pleasure to behold the 64th volume of MARG, which is also its third special issue on Goa. The first was in 1980, dedicated to Goa’s Christian legacy. The second, in 1983, focused on Goa’s Hindu and Christian art traditions and was edited by Sarayu Doshi. In some ways the new issue expresses continuity as well as forges a new direction,” says Savia. 
MARG, acronym for Modern Architectural Research Group, was first published in 1946, with noted writer Mulk Raj Anand as its founding editor, who intended it to be a "loose encyclopaedia of the arts of India and related civilisations." 
It started out with seven advertisements and two rooms provided by J R D Tata, with Anil de Silva from Sri Lanka as assistant editor and art historian, Karl J Khandalavala as an advisor.
Speaking about the reach of this magazine, Savia says, “It was in the pages of the magazine that architect Charles Correa and his colleagues first presented their proposal for a dream city in Mumbai, then Bombay – New Bombay – later translated into policy.”
MARG is a Mumbai-based, not-for-profit publisher whose mission is to engage and augment interest in Indian art and culture. It strives to light up “many dark corners” in India’s cultural landscape and to spark debate on all aspects of art and culture among academics, critics, cultural connoisseurs and readers.
Elaborating on this special issue on Goa, Savia mentions, “This issue is more people oriented and speaks about the people who made immense contributions in the field of art. Nobody speaks about the contribution of Goan musicians.”
This edition has several illustrious contributors like Maria Aurora Couto who has written about the writing scenario in Goa and Damodar Mauzo, who has written on how during Portuguese times Marathi and Konkani literature was not nurtured and still it survived. 
Other contributions are by Dr Francisco Colaco on music, Jose Lourenco on tiatr, Wendell Rodricks on costume heritage, Dr Fatima da Silva Gracias on culinary legacy and Baiju Parthan. 
“Baiju Parthan who studied at Goa College of Art in 2001 as part of his fellowship went to USA where he had an interaction with Goa’s well known artist, F N Sousa. So, it is like rediscovering Goa in a very different way,” concludes Savia.
(MARG special issue on Goa will be released by Victor Rangel Rebeiro and Vamona Navelcar on January 9 at 6.30 p.m. at Sunaparanta Goa Centre of Arts, Altinho, Panaji.) [NT]