Margao BJP leaders say Moti Dongor a blot on the city


 If the Congress have supported rehabilitation of the Moti Dongor residents, local BJP leaders has made it amply clear that the hillock should be first cleared of the illegal hutments as per the court directions before talking anything about the rehabilitation of the displaced persons.
BJP leader Sharmad Raiturcar said that rehabilitation of the displaced people can be considered by the government on humanitarian grounds after filtering the eligible people, but away from Moti Dongor. “Gross illegalities atop Moti Dongor cannot be allowed to continue. The government had filed an undertaking in the High Court and the district administration is initiating steps to remove the illegal structures and file compliance in the High Court. Whether the court can wait for the government to come out with a rehabilitation package, we don’t know. It is a legal question. We are of the opinion that no one should be displaced, but at the same time illegal structures from Moti Dongor should go,” he added.
Replying to a question, Raiturcar said the local BJP office bearers have communicated their stand on Moti Dongor to the party’s government. “We have told our government that somewhere Moti Dongor has become a blot on the city. Everyone knows that the structures are illegal. It is a big mess with illegal structures still mushrooming,” he said. “Given that the area had attained notoriety for its criminal elements, we feel that the government should not rehabilitate the residents at one place. Instead, the deserving residents should be rehabilitated at two-three places. But whether the government has land to rehabilitate so many people also remains to be seen,” he added.
BJP leader and son of former Minister Babu Naik Bhai said that residents should be rehabilitated. Speaking in his individual capacity, Bhai demanded to know why successive governments failed to rehabilitate the hutment dwellers when his father could rehabilitate many of the residents during his tenure. “Everyone wants the residents to be rehabilitated. My views have been communicated to the government,” he said.
Both Sharmad and Bhai came down heavily on the Congress stand of rehabilitation. “Where was the Congress and its leaders when they were ruling the state?  Why didn’t the Congress initiate steps to rehabilitate the residents?” the duo demanded to know. [H]