Marriage registrations, documentation keep Salcete Sub-Registrar busy


In the last 15 months, the office of the Civil Registrar cum Sub-Registrar, based in South Goa, registered 7405 marriages. The highest number of marriages – 3699 – were registered in Salcete, which consists of 66
Mr Suraj R Vernekar, Civil Registrar cum Sub-Registrar, Salcete, said that during the last 15 months his office registered 3699 marriages of which 3004 were registered in the year 2012.
He said that procedure is followed and marriages are registered as per law. He said that in an effort to make registration of marriages easier, separate counters have been opened for this very purpose.
Sources said that the office of the Civil Registrar cum Sub-Registrar office of Quepem registered 1096 marriages in the last 15 months, while Murmugao office registered 1117; and Canacona and Sanguem offices registered 861 and 632 marriages respectively, in the same period.
Mr Verneker also informed that during the entire year of 2012, 35,261 marriage certificates were issued by his office. He said that 7059 documents were presented for registration during 2012. He said similarly, in 2011, 6,998 documents were presented for registration. According to him, in all, 1760 certified copies were issued from January to December 2012, while 1858 certified copies were issued in 2011.
Speaking on the issuance of birth certificates, he said that in 2012, a total of 22,241 birth certificates were issued, while in 2011, the number of birth certificates issued is 15,814. It was also said that in 2012, in all 237 death certificates were issued while the number for 2011 stands at 157. Similarly, 5150 birth Teors were issued in 2012 and in 2011, 5837 such documents were issued.
Mr Vernekar informed that in 2012, his office collected Rs 24,88,73,000 as revenue from various sources, while in 2011 the revenue collected reached Rs 18,86,11,766. [NT]