Mauvin for garbage mechanism


The persisting garbage menace in Goa echoed yet again in the State Assembly with Dabolim MLA Mauvin Godinho Wednesday demanding a road map from the government as to how it proposes to tackle the problem nagging the State.
“The problem of garbage is giving Goa a bad name,” Godinho said, pointing out that it was the ultimate responsibility of the government to ensure that Goa is clean even if people do not have civic sense. 
“Devise a mechanism where people will feel bad to dirty the place,” he said.
According to him municipal councils and village panchayats are working on piecemeal solutions and asked whether having two treatment plants in North and South Goa would really help.
Godinho said that the government should encourage women in Goa to start small scale industries for paper bag making considering the fact that plastic is a nuisance and needs to be banned. He was also critical of non availability of medicines for the sick and basic requirement of water especially at the IPHB.
That Goa has failed on the IT front was also a point raised by him expressing concern that absence of IT development in Goa would only take Goan youth out of the State for employment. “You need to apply your mind on how Goa can become a trade hub, education hub, and encourage corporate business houses to set up headquarters in the State of Goa,” he suggested.
He also suggested that the government boost agriculture and encourage youth to take to farming and impressed on the need for increasing dairy farming.
“This will ensure that there is less land for conversion, less in-migration and less land for gated projects,” he opined. He impressed on the need for regularising dwelling units on Communidade land which will generate revenue.
Criticising those politicising the airport issue, Godinho reiterated the need for a new airport at Mopa and again asked government to ensure that Dabolim is retained. He disclosed that an area of 13,000 sq metres was available and would solve the problem of parking at the existing airport.
The one time industries minister also asked the government to work out mechanisms to attract industries to Goa. He voiced concern over rising road accidents and urged strict enforcement of law and order.
In the power sector, Godinho, who held the power portfolio earlier, asked the government to re-negotiate the Power Purchase Agreement and make alternate arrangements for generation of power through gas, to meet rising demand and contingencies.
And he asked the government show the will to recover the losses suffered by the State from illegal mining from defaulting mine owners and take guilty mine owners to task for destroying the forests and environment.
Godinho concluded by singing praises of the Budget 2013 describing it as practical and said that Parrikar refrained from presenting a harsh Budget. [H]