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Maybe I was too harsh, maybe controversy was avoidable: Sardesai

Panjim: Close to a week after controversy broke out over TCP Minister and Goa Forward President Vijai Sardesai’s purported remarks calling tourists who create nuisance in Goa as ‘scum of the earth’, the Minster seemed regretful over his choice of words.In a tweet Tuesday morning, in response to Herald’s editorial the same day, titled “Anyone who creates public nuisance in Goa is a ‘scum-ster’,” Sardesai tweeted from his twitter handle “@oheraldogoa edit today. Maybe I was too harsh, maybe the controversy was avoidable. But at least national attention was drawn to the topic of someone visiting Goa. All the stakeholders of tourism now sit to evolve a mechanism by which such public nuisance is penalized.”
Herald in its edit had cautioned that in a flurry of reactions to the minister’s choice of words, the core issue of public nuisance committed by tourists as well as others was getting diluted and obfuscated. Herald called for a mechanism to be evolved whereby tourism stakeholders and the State should evolve a stringent mechanism to penalise and take action against nuisance creators, without making any distinction based on where they came from and where they lived.Sardesai’s tweet is also an indication of an attempt to diffuse conversation about the language he used, (“scum of the earth”) which has overwhelmed the discourse and debate over unruly tourists Goa. Herald had argued though that the activities of tourists, like urinating from tourists buses, leaving filth on beaches, fit the general and specific definition of scum but singling out sections of tourists wasn’t called for. [H]

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