Men speak on Women’s Day!


As the world celebrates International Woman’s Day today, the focus will be on the theme set out by the UN for 2013: ‘A promise is a promise: Time for action to end violence against women.’ Indeed, it is a promise that must not only be kept, but enforced vigorously, especially in the face of escalating violence against women, especially young girls. 
Instead of being quelled, women have only emerged stronger. 
With an inimitable inner strength, they are beating the odds, time and again, to emerge winners. 
As a multi-faceted individual who has made her mark in every field, and more importantly as a mother and homemaker, she has come to be a source of inspiration not only to her fellow women, but to men as well.
JACK SUKHIJA, hotelier 
A woman is better equipped emotionally and mentally to deal with people. Today, they handle home and career. As they grow through life they juggle many things with aplomb. The job of raising children is a very important task, which they handle admirably.
KARL PINTO DESOUSA, psychotherapist
In my practice, I never cease to be amazed at a woman’s tremendous inbuilt capacity  and resilience to cope with what is happening around her.  As a nurturer, they have a great capacity for caring and forgiving. Men particularly, take advantage of this. This is very true in cases of an alcoholic husband. We need to respect women. 
I was sick for many years and moreover a very stubborn and difficult man to be with. During this period, I will always remember my wife’s fortitude and courage, not only in getting me the right help and treatment, but supporting and encouraging me. 
If it were not for her, I would not be where I am today. 
Genetically girls have a better inner strength, mental maturity and are emotionally tougher than boys. 
Although as they progress, boys tend to go ahead of the girls. I notice a rare toughness and resilience in Bhakti Kulkarni, which helped her to achieve victory against all odds. 
AMOL ARONDEKAR, businessman
Women are capable of doing a lot which men tend to ignore. But we men must support them. When my wife Asha decided to institute the Orchid Awards for Women Achievers in Goa, I was with her all the way as I, like her, truly believe that there are many unsung women who have come up the hard way but have worked and achieved something against all odds. 
VIVEK DHURI, consultant 
When parents discover that their child is not normal, it brings out a woman’s strength as a mother with a deeper capacity to understand and deal with problems. Day-by-day, they get stronger in their resolve to help their child. It makes them more positive and this reflects on their children and people around.  [H]