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Mestawada agricultural fields contaminated

VASCO: The farmers from Mestawada in Vasco have raised their concerns over the contamination of the agricultural fields due to discharge of sewage from government owned Junta Quarters in Baina, Vasco.

According to the farmers, their fields have been contaminated with sewage due to which they are unable to cultivate their fields despite being prepared to cultivate vegetables during the ongoing monsoon season. What irks these farmers is the fact that despite highlighting their problems last year and even receiving assurances to curb the sewerage menace the situation never improved and in fact deteriorated during the current monsoon season.

“Since last several decades I have been cultivating my fields located at Mestawada. However in the last two years all the farmers have been experiencing a tough time during the monsoon with rain water and sewage from the junta quarters and other residential areas at Baina flowing into our fields. It turns stagnant leading to contamination of our fields which has turned black,” said one affected farmer.

Another farmer said this meant they would not be able to cultivate thus guaranteeing a loss which would not be compensated by the government. Another local farmer said “Every year the main nullah at Baina gets choked and results in the overflowing of sewage into the fields located nearby. When they (sewage department) laid the sewerage lines at Junta quarters, why did they not make some arrangements to ensure sewage from this residential building did not overflow. How many more years do we have to experience this. If the authorities fail to take any steps the stagnant sewage water will pose a serious health hazard to us as well as other locals residing near Mestawada fields. We therefore demand the health authorities and the Mormugao municipal council as well as local MLA Carlos Almeida to initiate prompt and necessary action to resolve the issue on priority” (H)

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