Migrant students turn their back on schools


 Following the serious effects of the closure of the mining industry on its employees at various levels, it is now the turn of the subsidiary industries depended on mining to face the consequences.
The hotels, garages as well as schools are some such affected bodies, with children belonging to around 75 families seeking leaving certificates from at least 35 schools in the state as these families are moving out or have already moved out of Goa.
The additional director of education, Mr Anil Powar told The Navhind Times that almost all such incidents are related to the non-Goan families, who are nomadic in nature. "These families had come to Goa, with their earning members seeking livelihood, and are now moving out of the state due to the absence of any jobs for them," he added.
Mr Powar said that in addition to such families, who were dependent on the mining industry, a few more relying on sand extraction have also been forced to leave Goa. Goa, under the central mining law had banned transportation of sand out of the state by issuing a notification to this effect, last year as excessive sand mining along rivers was found to be causing great environmental damage.
The additional director of education also stated that most of the students from the nomadic families, who are leaving the schools, belong to the primary or middle level, and had been studying in the government schools.
"We will feel the effect of departure of these students after some years, when the number of students in the government schools, at the secondary level subsequently drops," he noted.
A review of the situation based on the information provided by the assistant district education inspectors has informed that students from the primary and middle classes from between 72 and 75 families have left 35 schools.
These families were mainly residing in areas namely Sanvordem, Sanguem, Bicholim, Piligao, Pale, Velguem and Amona, among others.
At least 10 out of these 35 schools could face closure, if more families in the related areas decide to leave Goa, upon delay in re-starting of the mines. [NT]