Mining ban puts brakes on Tiswadi goods carriers

 The present lull in the business activity has hit the goods carrier business in the Tiswadi taluka in a bad way.

Since the last six months, all the owners of goods carriers who conduct their business near Don Bosco High School and behind 2 Signal Training Centre in the city are all agitated.
They said on one hand, repayment of loans has become difficult, while on the other hikes in insurance, petrol, diesel and accessories have threatened their very survival.
They stated due to the iron ore mining activity they were at least getting some business to carry oil, tyres and other accessories relating to mining, adding presently they are facing lack of customers.
Many of them are those who availed loans under self-employment scheme with a view to earn their livelihood through business activity instead of waiting for years together for a white collar job in the government.
Tempos, goods rickshaws and mini-trucks remain idle since morning till dawn on the stands without a single trip and every day the tension of paying loan installments and running their houses keep mounting on them. Then there is also expenses towards children’s education.
Since the mining, construction, sand extraction and other business activities have come to a halt, they are suffering for want of business, revealed the Tata Ace owner conducting his business near Don Bosco High School, Panaji.
Now, there is sudden hike in the insurance premium, for Tata Ace it is around Rs 18,000, while road tax is Rs 1,800; vehicle accessories too have gone up drastically, goods rickshaw tax is Rs 5,600, previously it was just Rs 3000, he added.
“There is absolutely no business, we just come, and return back empty handed by leaving our tempos at the stands,’’ stated the members of Tempo Drivers and Owners Association Ltd in the city, adding that the hike in petrol and diesel prices has crippled the goods carriers business in the state.
The association members now want the government to do something for them at par with 2-wheeler taxi riders and start giving them some subsidy so that they can at least support their families. [NT]