Mining companies must pay us, demand truck owners

The North Goa tipper truck owners association (NGTTOA) on Thursday demanded that mining companies pay them compensation till mining activities commence in the state, since their livelihoods have been affected due to the mining ban. The association demanded that action should be taken against those mine owners who are involved in illegal mining activities. 

Stating that they have been affected badly by the halt in mining in the state, NGTTOA president Shamba 'Mahesh' Gawas said that they don't know who are involved in illegal mining activities, but that mine owners are responsible for illegal mining. "Those involved in illegal mining should be punished", he added. "When illegal mining activities have been going on for ten years, why not hold the mines minister and mines department responsible for illegal mining in Goa?" he asked. 
Gawas told media that they have approached mining companies and demanded compensation till the mining operations begin. "We expect that mining companies look after us. But mining companies are silent on these demands", Gawas added. 
He also said that those truck owners who had shifted their trucks to Karnataka and Maharashtra are badly suffering because they are not being paid properly, nor have they been given business as promised by the companies there. "We appeal to the state and central governments to come together and resolve this issue immediately, as mining dependent people are in serious trouble," said Gawas. [TOI]