Mining firm refutes workers’ claims


Refuting claims of protesting workers, the mining company at Cavrem-Rivona on Wednesday claimed that the school bus service in the village was stopped after a section of retrenched employees of a contractor threatened the bus driver and company officials.
The company was reacting to a Herald report, where affected workers demanded immediate resumption of school bus and other facilities.
According to sources, some agitating employees threatened company officials with dire consequences if the bus continues to refill diesel at the company-owned diesel pump at the mines.
In a press note, the company said the bus service for students from Rivona, Colomba and Sulcorna was introduced in 2004 and withdrawn on March 4 following threats to the driver.
“The company is ready and willing to continue with the bus service at any time provided the retrenched workers give an undertaking they will not obstruct the service,”  stated the press note.
The company also attributed the stoppage of water supply for irrigation purpose owing to the threats from the agitating workers. The retrenched contract workers are also claimed to have stopped company doctor from attending the medical dispensary at the mines. However, the company doctor continues to treat patients from another place at Fatima Waddo.
The company intends to restart the supply of agricultural water provided the agitating retrenched workers by the contractor give an assurance that they shall not disturb pumping operations. [H]