MMC’s bio-metric finger scan readers, CCTVs defunct!


The Margao Municipal Council may soon run out of ideas on how to bring civic employees under a close scanner.
For, the civic body has so far ended up in spending lakhs of rupees on installing machines and cameras to keep a track on the employees, but in vain. And, neither has the GPS system launched with much fanfare helped keep a track on the movement of municipal garbage trucks.
Blame it on the indifference of civic babus or otherwise, the CCTVs installed in the municipal sections and the bio-metric finger scan readers have turned defunct for want of proper usage.  Take the case of the CCTV cameras. One may find the cameras watching the movements of the employees, but there’s no dedicated officer designated till date, to monitor the footage and initiate action. It’s nearly a year-and-a-half since the civic body gave its nod for the CCTVs, but the cameras have not served the desired purpose for want of a proper mechanism.
The bio-metric finger scan readers are another case in point. When the civic body first implemented the scan readers around half-a-decade ago, they came under stiff opposition from the municipal employees. So much so, they threatened to strike work, forcing the Council to abandon the project. Incidentally, the civic body sought to revive the bio-metric system ~ this time purchasing two brand new machines. But, like last time round, the municipal employees have refused to record their attendance on the finger scan readers, rendering the two machines defunct. [H]