MMC staff to be issued memo for not attending Liberation Day

MARGAO: They might not have complied with the circular to record their attendance of the bio-metric finger scan readers, but Margao Municipal Employees will get their salaries for the month of December, even as Chairperson Arthur D’Silva on Friday instructed Chief Officer Srinet Kotheale to issue memos to staff and employees for not attending the Liberation Day function.

Roman'; font-size: medium; text-align: justify;">Kothwale had earlier warned that employees failing to record their attendance on the finger scans would be marked absent by the administration.

He, however, said that the Civic body could not initiate action against the employees this month since the salaries are being disbursed before Christmas.

Municipal employees said that the administration cannot mark them absent since they have recorded their attendance on the muster rolls. “We have objected to the finger scan readers because a writ petition on the subject is pending in the high court. But, the employees had signed the muster roll as usual”, remarked an employee.

Though the Civic body had issued a circular to the employees to record attendance on the finger scan readers, there were no takers from the employees.

Only employees coming under the common cadre are believed to have recorded their attendance on the finger scans.

Meanwhile, taking cognizance of Municipal employees for the Liberation Day function at the Civic body, Chairperson Arthur D’Silva has instructed to issue memos to the employees. “Municipal employees cannot remain absent for the Liberation day celebrations. But, we found only 25 per cent of the employees reporting for the function”, Arthur added. [H]