Moira locals yet to get phone bill rebate


They were reportedly promised a rebate in their telephone bills on account of disruption in services, but residents of Moira were surprised to find this rebate not reflected in the latest bills.
A delegation of residents from Moira, comprising Romeo Coelho, Sertorio D’Mello and Anthony de Sa met the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (Goa) general manager on Monday and informed him that the rebate promised by the DGM – Telephones (Mapusa) at a public meeting on January 9 in Moira was not reflected in the current bill.
It may be recalled that residents of Moira had held a public meeting in Moira on January 9, to protest against the telephone outage every night from around December 20 till January 9.
Moira residents claimed that DGM Potdar had reportedly agreed to recommend a rebate to all subscribers of the Moira Exchange.
The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited  (Goa) general manager informed the delegation that the rebate would "in all probability" be given in the next billing cycle. [H]