Moira phones stop working after dusk


Contacting residents of Moira by phone or internet after dusk during the past few days has become an uphill task due to erratic telephone and internet connectivity at the Moira BSNL telephone exchange.
Speaking to Herald, an aggrieved resident claimed that the phones at the Moira Exchange stop working after dusk.
“This has been happening every single day with regularity. It is simply not acceptable that phones go off every evening, only to come on next day after around 12 hours. Any one in need of police or emergency services is going to have a great problem and not everyone has a mobile phone,” stated Tony de Sa.
“The problem is most acute for senior citizens, especially those living alone, the infirm and aged, who have their kith and kin abroad,” he added.
Some residents reported the matter to the BSNL telecom officer, who admitted to the problem at Moira.
“The JTO claimed that the main problem was that one of the phases supplying electricity to the Moira exchange was providing low voltage. He stated that as a result of this, the computers in the exchange would not function and hence the problem,” said de Sa.
Another resident contacted the BSNL general manager regarding the problem and he was redirected to a telecom officer in Mapusa. [H]