Monopolistic distributors threatening film festivals: IFFI director


Nearly a dozen of multi-national firms have practically monopolized distribution of art films across the world, and are now trying to dictate how to conduct film festivals in different countries, according to Shankar Mohan, director of the international film festival of India.
They charge very high amounts for sending films to different festivals, and the amounts hover between 1500 to 2000 euros for two screenings, Shankar told TOI on the sidelines of the festival here.
"They also don't inform where the film is sourced from and when it will arrive because it will be in circulation at some other festival in a different part of the world. Mostly, the films are sent in digital format, which will have their password encrypted on them. They charge an additional amount for giving the password''.
"The festival organizers are kept on tenterhooks till the last minute, as the distributors send the password only at the eleventh hour. Then we don't know whether the password will be able to open the film file,'' Shankar said.
The development of digital technology has made film making more accessible to people, and the traditional print will have only archival value in future, he said. [TOI]