Mormugao locals oppose storing of naphtha from grounded ship at Bogda

Vasco: Hundreds of locals from Mormugao Constituency, from Sada, Bogda and Jetty along with Urban Development Minister Milind Naik gathered to discuss and raise strong objection to shifting and storing naphtha cargo from Nu-Shi Nalini vessel to the tanks from Ganesh Banzoplast’s cargo storage facility.

Naik said he strongly opposes the plan to bring naphtha and store at Ganesh Banzoplast as it might prove dangerous and people’s lives should not be taken for granted.

Naik informed that on Tuesday evening, he met his supporters outside Ganesh Banzoplast storage facility. Locals were very worried after learning that the MPT is willing to bring and store volatile naphtha cargo in tanks of Ganesh Banzoplast at Bogda.

He further said that locals strongly object to this move and opined that already they have witnessed and heard of the dangerous effects of the naphtha, therefore they do not want naphtha to be stored near densely populated area where there are schools, and other residential areas.
When asked what he feels about this issue, Naik said that he also has strong objection to bringing naphtha to Ganesh Banzoplast facility for the security and safety reasons of the people.

“We can’t take people’s life for granted when we have seen the dangerous incidences happened in the past pertaining to naphtha,” he said.

He informed that he has also written to MPT chairman requesting him not to bring and store naphtha at Ganesh Banzoplast storage facility.
Naik said that he discussed this matter with Chief Minister Pramod Sawant who assured that naphtha would not be brought and stored at Ganesh Banzoplast.

“If the MPT chairman goes ahead with the plan to bring naphtha to Ganesh Banzoplast storage facility, then, there will be consequences. People of Mormugao won’t keep quiet,” Naik warned. [H]