Mormugao municipal council yet to tender doorstep waste collection despite receiving funds


The Mormugao municipal council (MMC) is yet to tender the door-to-door garbage collection project for which money was sanctioned almost a month ago.
MMC chief officer Agnelo Fernandes said, "There is a delay in tendering as we are planning to do e-tendering as directed by the directorate of municipal administration."
The computers at the MMC were not updated to do the same and the council will be out with tenders most probably by next week, he said. Vasco MLA and councilor Carlos Almeida alleged that the council has been "unnecessarily delaying" the progress of door-to-door garbage collection for which 3.80 crore was already sanctioned by the government a month ago.
Almeida said he managed to get the state government sanction 3.80 crore through the deputy chief minister, for the MMC in order to speed up with the project, which is a long pending demand.
"Despite getting in funds, the council has not even started the tendering process yet," he said. The letter dispatched by the directorate of municipal administration, dated December 12, 2012, stated, 'The MMC shall tender the work by following the financial rules and procedures as laid down by the government from time-to-time and obtaining necessary approvals from state agencies and other approvals from the competent authorities and by e-tendering and shall submit the certificate to the effect as per this circular.'
Almeida said, "The council has to tender, prepare the action plan, decide about the labourers to handle the equipment etc." He further added, "On one hand we are crying over the garbage menace, but on the other hand, the municipality has been very lethargic in solving the problem despite getting funds."
During a council meeting held on Tuesday, the councillors questioned MMC chairperson Fiola Rego over the delay in starting the project in the 20 wards of the town. Presently, only four wards avail the facility. Saifulla Khan, councilor said, "If you want to provide the facility then provide to all." Manish Arolkar, councilor said, "Initially, the project was started on a trial basis, but even after two years, the trial is still on." The council is supposed to buy, 1,100 wheel trolley bins, 100 garbage bins, 50,000 plastic buckets, five compactors, four mini-tippers, one suction machine with vehicle, one mini van, with the sanctioned money, council officials said. [TOI]