Mormugao temple burgled


In a broad daylight robbery reported at Ganpati Panchayatan Sansthan, Alto-Rumdawada at Jetty, Headland-Sada on Monday, unknown culprits broke open the metal donation box and decamped with cash of around Rs 25,000.
The locals in the area expressed surprise over the robbery as the area is densely populated and further as the robbery took place in broad daylight with plenty of people around the temple. Also amazing is the fact that the Mormugao police station is located just a few meters away from the temple.
In view of this robbery, the people and the temple committee members have demanded that the police department intensify patrolling not only during the night but also during the day. 
According to information available from Mormugao police, the complaint in this regard was lodged by Mr Nilkanth Dessai, the president of Ganpati Panchayatan Sansthan, Alto-Rumdawada.
According to the complainant, the robbery took place sometime between 2.15 p.m. and 2.45 p.m. when the temple was closed. The robbers entered the temple through an unsecured area and broke open the metal donation box and decamped with cash of about Rs 25,000.
The police summoned the dog squad and fingerprint expert to obtain some clues into the robbery, however, it was said no major clues were found. The Mormugao police in this connection have registered an offence under section 380 of IPC, against unknown persons and are further investigating into the case. [NT]