Multi Grain Yogurt Coleslaw Sandwich

Multi grain slice bread 2 number
Hung curd gms 100
Brown garlic gms 10
Chilly flakes gms 3
Salt gms 3
Black pepper gms 2
Honey ml 3
Fresh coriander gms 10
Carrot gms 20
Green capsicum gms 15
Iceberg lettuces gms 25
Mustard paste gms 3

Take a bowl add the hung curd, brown garlic, chili flakes, salt, pepper, honey.
Whisk it and make a smooth paste.

Add the fine julienne of carrot, capsicum and mix well.

Apply lightly the mustard paste on to the sliced multi grain bread.

Keep the iceberg lettuce on the bread.

Take the carrot & capsicum mixture and generously apply on the bread.

Sprinkle with fine chopped coriander.

Put the top layer of the bread and cut the sandwich in to two and serve cold.

[Recipe courtesy: Mukul Jha, Executive Chef, The Grand Mercure, Mysuru]