‘Music teacher’ flees with earrings at Mapusa school


At a time when schools have been asked to tighten security in light of the sexual assault at a Vasco school, some schools in the State continue to jeopardise the safety of their students.
 A shocking security lapse has been reported at a Mapusa school when a woman posing as a “teacher” decamped with the earrings of a Std II student on Tuesday.
According to Mapusa police, the incident took place at the Government Primary School at Kamarkhazan at Peddem–Mapusa, when students were playing during recess at around 10.30 am.
Sources said a woman in her twenties approached some girls and told them that she was a music teacher. She claimed that she was conducting a programme for Republic Day and assured that some girls would be given a chance to participate in the programme.
The woman then spotted the earrings on a Std II schoolgirl and told her that she liked the pattern and wanted to copy the design. The girl then handed over the earrings worth Rs 5,500 to the woman, who disappeared from the site, sources added.
The student then reported the matter to the school teachers and when the school headmistress was informed of the theft, she summoned the parents to the school and narrated the incident.
The headmistress then filed the complaint with Mapusa Police and a case has been registered against an unknown person. Police recorded the statement of the girl’s father in the evening and is also expected to meet the schoolgirl in this connection. [H]