Musical Bonanza


Musician, Colin Dias is poised to make a splash with his new song ‘It’s Christmas Time’. He speaks to  NT BUZZ about the clever blend of languages in his lyrics and the progress in his career so far 
This Christmas season anticipates the release of an innovative slice of talent projected through ‘It’s Christmas Time’, a song by Colin Dias to be aired on All India Radio (AIR) on December 20, which will appear on You Tube and Facebook too. The music and lyrics of this song have been composed by Colin, while the musical arrangement is by Sancho Menezes.
A Christmas without music is unthinkable. Fortunately, our treasury of Christmas songs has long surpassed its capacity. It would not be false to say that the rule of ‘less is more’ certainly does not apply to the stock of Christmas serenades. 
What about another Christmas tune? It is a novel approach that has been adopted in its development. The lyrics are a perfect marriage of two languages, Konkani and English, and promise to leave you with a smile on your face. Cleverly written, the song explores Christmas as a Goan experience, speaking of the festive joy of catching up with friends at dances, the platters of sweet meat delicacies and NRIs.
Music is, metaphorically speaking, the very blood that courses through our veins as Goans. It should come as no surprise when one of our own, displays this innate musical ability with panache. Colin Dias is an embodiment of talent with promising musical and lyrical compositions to his credit. His two earlier lyrical contributions include ‘Jammin’, which was performed on ‘Fortnite’, a live musical series of AIR in 2004. The other ‘Let’s Vote’ with the words ‘Let’s get it down in history’, uncannily read like a prediction of the huge voter turnout that proved to be of historical significance.
Colin says, “I have been strumming guitar strings since the young age of 11. A year later I joined the Holy Family Choir in Kuwait.” His style of playing is cognizant of a variety of genres and he has a penchant for improvisations. He emphatically mentions, “I have not received any musical training.” However, he draws purely on his inherent flair for music. Over the years, he has been a member of various musical bands and played for weddings, parties and beat shows. At present he plays for ‘Crimson Tide’ in Goa. 
(Colin hails from Mapusa and writes lyrics for others as well. [NT]