NCP charges CM over corruption, law and order

The rejuvenated Nationalist Congress Party on Thursday charged Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar with gross mis-governance and failure on all fronts, especially law and order, curtailing corruption and handling of the mining issue. 
Addressing the media, newly appointed chief spokesperson of the party Trajano D’Mello charged Parrikar with misguiding mining affected people and leading them to attack RTI activists, abetting corruption as well as lording over a deteriorating law and order situation. 
“This government has failed miserably on all fronts. The administration has come to a standstill and law and order has totally collapsed,” D’Mello said.
He used the example of the public bashing on an ‘innocent’ man at Arambol to elucidate the high level of “restlessness among the people”. “People are taking the law in their own hands. The case in Arambol, where an innocent man was beaten up shows the restlessness of the people owing to the deteriorating law and order situation. Robberies and murders are taking place every other day and nobody is being arrested,” D’Mello said. 
On the mining front he charged the chief minister with creating chaos and confusion. “The BJP and the Chief Minister is playing with the sufferings of the people. It is he who has been misguiding the people, telling the mining affected and giving an impression that the RTI activists are responsible for the mining ban,” D’Mello alleged. 
“In fact it is Parrikar who initially created chaos and confusion. When he was in the opposition he said illegal mining was to the extent of Rs 25,000 crore. Now he’s saying it is Rs four to five thousand crore. Then when he came to power, he said there was no illegal mining, he blamed the Centre for giving fraudulent ECs (environmental clearances). But who banned mining in the first place?” Trajano asked and blamed Parrikar for targeting people like Claude Alvares and other anti-mining and RTI activists and seeking to create an impression that activists are responsible for the mess.
He condemned the attack on the RTI activists at Margao as well as Dona Paula. 
Further, he hit out at Parrikar for not filling the posts of Chief Information Commissioner and State Information Commissioner, alleging the delay amounted to Parrikar abetting corruption. 
The NCP also took on the chief minister for failing to bring out a Regional Plan, the Laadli Laxmi scheme which he said is fuelling wars since payments are delayed and his Lokayukta which deters complainants instead of deterring the corrupt. [H]