NCP raises suspicion over Lokayukta appointment


 Even before the appointment of Goa’s first Lokayukat has been effected, it appears that the controversies have taken a forefront in this matter.
The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) has raised suspicion over the appointment of Mr B Sudharshan Reddy, a retired Supreme Court judge as Goa’s Lokayukta.
The NCP chief spokesperson, Mr Trajano D’ Mello, addressing a press conference on Monday, said that the process of appointment of the Lokayukta was carried out in a secretive manner. He said that rather than the judge applying for the post, the search committee has approach for an appointment of Mr Reddy as Lokayukta.  
He said that initially, three judges had put up their applications for the post of Lokayukta. He said that ignoring the names of these three judges, the government had appointed a search committee, comprises of Chief Secretary, law secretary and the Advocate General, and had came up with three more names, from which Mr Reddy was selected. He said the three judges are H R Malhotra, retired judge of Delhi High Court and retired  judges M Ramachandra and Sasidaran Nambiar of the Kerala High Court.
However, the search committee identified judge V R Kingaokar of the Bombay High Court and judges P Ravindran and B Sudarshan Reddy.
“The basis on which these justices were identified and short listed and how the selection was made needs to be made public by this government,” said Mr D’Mello.
He said further, “With due respect to Mr Reddy and without questioning his integrity, will he act against the member of this search committee who were instrumental in appointing him as Lokayukta?”
He said that the CM is on record saying in the assembly that after recommendation from Mr Reddy, he has made an amendment and incorporated an additional section recently. “If it is so, then the CM should place Mr Reddy’s recommendation in the floor of the house in the ensuing budget session,” he said.
He further demanded that all papers related to the appointment should be made public.
While criticising the pay parking concept recently introduce at Patto-Panaji by the EDC, Mr D’Mello alleged that staff managing the pay parking area are harassing the general public and demanded that students should be exempted from the pay parking fees.
“As most of the students go to the central library and passport office, they need to be exempted from paying the parking fees,” said Mr D’Mello. [NT]