NCP terms budget as ‘anti-aam aadmi’


The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) termed Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s 2013-14 budget as ‘anti-aam aadmi’ and also questioned the government’s revenue generating targets and figures. He also hit out at the government for taking credit for projects which were started during Nilkanth Halarnkar’s tenure as Tourism Minister. 
 Addressing media persons, NCP state president Nilkanth Halarnkar said that the budget also ignored employment generation and skill development. 
“We say that the budget is anti-aam aadmi. All his figures are based on assumptions and there is nothing concrete on where he will earn his revenue from,” Halarnkar said. 
“If you compare last year’s budget, only 40% of the projected expenses were realised,” Halarnkar said. 
The government cannot afford to rely on plugging revenue leakages alone to maintain the State’s (revenue) figures.  “It is only assumption and presumption. This will not do. Plugging revenue (leakages) alone will also not suffice,” Halarnkar said. 
Castigating the government for taking credit for projects initiated by him, “Projects such as the golf course, marina, heli tourism, amusement parks, etc were the proposals were started when I was tourism minister. But elections came and they had to be stalled and now this government is saying they are their projects,” he said. 
The absence of any employment generation avenues for skilled and semi-skilled youth of the state, be it industrial estates or otherwise, was also criticised by the NCP. [H]