New directives issued for mutation cases


 After a gap of around two years, the “talathi factor” in mutations has once again come into play in South Goa district. 
The role of the talathis in mutations was virtually done away with after an Amendment to the Land Revenue Code mandated the functions in respect of mutations to the taluka Mamlatdars following complaints of corruption.
Now, South Goa district Collector, South N D Agrawal has issued directions to all the taluka Mamlatdars in the district that all mutation applications should be addressed to the Taluka mamlatdar under the Land Revenue Code, but the same shall be delivered to the respective village talathis. This implies that applications for mutations should necessarily be submitted before the village Talathis for processing before an order is finally passed by the Mamlatdar. 
The Collector’s order has kicked up a row with even revenue officials seeking to know whether the order conforms to the Amendment to the Land Revenue Code. A senior revenue official said that Mamlatdars in North Goa continue to follow the Amended LRC, which mandates only the Mamlatdars to deal with mutation cases.
When contacted, Salcete Mamlatdar Triveni Velip said she has issued the necessary instructions to the Village Talathis for the implementation of the Collector’s order. 
“At the routine meeting with the talathis, the Collector’s order was made available to the talathis for implementation of the directions. Henceforth, all applications for mutations must be routed through the village talathis”, she said.
The Collector’s order mandates the talathis to make on-line mutation entry after receiving the applications and generate the notice in Form X, with the digital/scanned signature of the Mamlatdar on the spot. The directions mandates the Talathis to make the entry in the presence of the application or within 24 hours if he is busy with any other urgent matter.
The order states that the talathis shall deliver the notice to the application  and also publish a copy of the notice at his office for the information of the villagers.
Agrawal has issued the order on grounds that the talathi, who is a village level revenue officer, is completely in the dark about the land ownership and updating of the record of rights. “The Talathis is responsible to submit report on Income, Residence etc. If he is not aware or his record is not updated, his reports will not be correct and every purpose of calling the report from the talathi is defeated. Therefore, the record of the village level officer is required to be updated on day-to-day basis”, Agrawal stated in his order.
Copy of the order is submitted to the Principal Secretary, Revenue of Goa. [H]