New inverter ACs by Onida


  In a bid to gain a foothold in the growing inverter air conditioner (AC) market   electronics major Onida launched its new range of smart inverter ACs in Goa on Tuesday.
The Goa launch, Mr Vipul Mathur, vice president marketing, said is part of 2013 range in which all together 32 fresh designs have been unveiled. It is also pan-India with Goa unveiling coming close on the heels of similar launches in Chennai, Pune, Mumbai and Gujarat.  
 Mr Mathur added that Onida is aggressively targeting the AC market in India with an aim to increase its market share to 18 per cent. To facilitate sales the company is setting up special outlets designated as ‘cool points’ across the country with 12 ‘cool points’ in the pipeline for Goa.
  Inverter ACs, Mr Mathur explained are special, new technology ACs of relatively recent origins that are highly energy efficient. Consumers conscious of saving power are keen on buying them and in some countries like Japan almost 100 per cent of the market is of inverter models. In India the segment is expected to grown by over 100 per cent in 2013 and the company expects 15 per cent of its AC sales from the new product, he said.
  Key features of inverter AC was their hugely lower power consumption, although it depended on the tonnage.  As such it ranged within 1,000 watt to 2,000 watt, Mr Mathur said. As for the USP  of  Onida inverter ACs vis-à-vis competitors was that it did up to 50 per cent energy savings with part load efficiency, up to 150 per cent faster cooling, precision temperature control and operated quietly with low starting content.
  Coming to the Goa market, the vice president explained it was one of the fastest growing with an average annual growth of 22 per cent to 25 per cent. In Goa the company preferred to sell through direct dealers and did substantial business through them.
 Onida Mr Mathur pointed out was a fast growing AC brand for last few years with reputation of innovative products. Like, Precool ACs (which works on mobile SMS), Speed Cool (instant cooling), multi flow (4-way surround cooling) and Twin Cool (one AC for two rooms).
 Present in the media briefing were Mr Kunwar Raj Singh, regional business manager (west) and Mr Rohit Sabharwal, product and sales head.  [NT]