New rule will make registration, licence must

  The state government has decided to put in place the Goa Minerals (Prevention of Theft, Smuggling and Illegal Mining and Regulation of Possession, Storage, Trading and Transportation) Rule, 2012, to regulate transportation of ore in Goa.

The rule will provide that no person shall carry on mining operations or the business of buying, possessing, storing, selling, supplying, transporting, distributing or delivering for sale or processing of minerals at any place for the purpose of sale or consumption or otherwise deal with any mineral without registering with department of mines and obtaining a trading license."Any person desirous of transporting the ore that he intends to sell or transfer or assign for a consideration or otherwise shall, before dispatching the same through a registered mode of transport, have to obtain a trip sheet, a digitally signed electronic document along with a unique barcode containing details of the mode of transport including its registration and identification details," states the letter submitted to the Supreme Court's central empowered committee (CEC).
The state government has also decided to impose "reasonable restrictions" such as restricting the number of carriers to be permitted for transport of mineral ore, fixing the maximum number of years for using carriers for mining transport, deciding a cutoff date after which the carrier registered with the transport department shall not be registered for transportation of mining ore or any other similar restriction that may be necessary to ensure smooth flow of traffic in the state. [TOI]