Newly built portion of Goa-Mumbai highway caves in at Porascade

Mapusa: A portion of the Goa-Mumbai national highway caved in on Monday early morning due to heavy rain. Even a retaining wall of around 100 meters collapsed posing a danger to the railway bridge at Porascade and also the remaining stretch of the road.

Deputy Chief Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar along with PWD Minister Deepak Pauskar inspected the site and ordered an inquiry into the incident.

According to information available the incident took place at around 3 am on Monday wherein a stretch of around 100 meters was damaged. Even the retaining wall collapsed posing a danger not only to another 200 meters of highway road but also the railway bridge which is hardly a few meters away.

The locals blamed the contractor for executing sub-standard work and also government officials for failing to supervise the work despite raising the issue. Locals also blamed the sand extraction activity in river Tiracol due to which the width of the river has been increasing. The authorities diverted traffic via an old road for movement of traffic.

Local resident advocate Jitendra Gaonkar said, “The incident took place at around 3 am and police were informed to keep a check on vehicle movement. We have repeatedly been raising issues of work executed by the contractor but nothing was done by the authorities”.

“The work executed is not upto the standard as one can see only concrete blocks are used for construction instead of using iron rods along with cement” added Gaonkar.

Meanwhile Deputy Chief Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar along with PWD Minister Deepak Pawaskar visited the site in the presence of PWD chief engineer Kulkarni, Narayan Mayekar, consultant. Former sarp-anch Suryakant Toraskar, Mandar Parab, Frankie Pereira, Manohar Naik, Prakash Kambli, Sunil Naik were also present. [NT]