Nigerians, Russians, Israelis now on watch list

Central and State law enforcing agencies are drawing up strategies and will keep a watch on troublemakers from Nigeria, Russia and Israel so that they do not pose threat to locals. 
A top Home ministry source revealed this action has been planned especially since tourists from these three nationalities are reportedly involved in the drug trade along the coastline.
It is not just the drug trade but also the constant brawls and their involvement in other illegal activities are also allegedly upsetting the police.
A ministry source told Herald that entire modus operandi for drug trafficking, criminal activity and for other illegalities, their entire movement and profiling is being done.
The ‘colonization’ by Russians and Israelis in certain sections of Morjim, Arambol, Calangute, Anjuna among others especially along the coast ~ has already caught State government’s attention. The buying of properties violating FEMA regulations is also being checked.
While Baga has been a flashpoint for the drug trade, especially during the peak tourist season, equally sensitive are areas such as Arambol, Morjim or Ashvem where anti-drug agencies are concentrating their efforts. 
The demographic change in certain areas due to the dominance of the citizens from the three nationalities has troubled the locals who claim that they are being harassed in many ways.
Now that the police beacon has entered the narrow by-lane of Baga popularly known as Tito lane, Nigerians who used to park themselves on this hub of Goa’s night-clubs have now vanished.
Over a dozen Nigerians were arrested last year for their alleged involvement in the drug trade, overstaying and even brawls. 
Though Russians are large spenders in Goa, majority are trouble makers since they dominate certain places in the north, exhibiting banners in their language on the Goan soil while some allegedly run prostitution racket via internet and authorities have prioritized nailing them. 
Rave parties, especially in the Anjuna belt have been another nuisance, with locals claiming that narcotics are used at these parties, besides intolerable noise pollution. Such parties are being tracked down as also the source of drugs allegedly smuggled at these parties. [H]