Niz Goenkar to Perform at Margao

Edwin Fernandes will perform in Goa on November 11 at the finals of the Kingfisher Voice of Goa 2012 at SGPDA Grounds, Margao. Delhi based Edwin hails from Per Seraulim and is professional musician.

At the finals, Edwin will perform his new single, appropriately called G.O.A. The single encompasses Edwin's feelings and his deep-rooted love for his motherland. The melody engraves the depths of Goan music and ethos and everything Goan and what Edwin holds very close to his heart. The catchy, easily hummed party song promises to have everyone tapping their feet and singing along with Edwin in no time. The song is in Hindi solely because Edwin wants to give national impetus to the


Edwin is accredited to have given a new dimension to guitar-playing in India. His unique style, signature tone, and technical approach towards this craft, makes him one of the iconic guitar players of our generation. A couple of his instrumental tracks have been released by RSJ (Rock Street Journal) as part of compilation albums that feature various other guitar-greats from across the country. The single ‘Blue Turtle Dance’ was featured in ‘The Great Indian Rock Volume I’ album back in 1997. Later, the song ‘Turtle at Crossroad’ was featured in the ‘Smokin’ Guns’


As a composer, Edwin has collaborated with artists like Usha Uthup and Anamika. Additionally, he has worked on the albums of Hema Sardesai, Shubha Mudgal, Shweta Shetty, Hans Raj Hans and Daler Mehndi to name a few.  [NT]