No cause for concern about law and order: Parrikar


The Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Parrikar, while expressing satisfaction over the law and order situation in the state, has said that of the five murders in the recent past the police could have done little to prevent them except in one case.
Mr Parrikar, however, castigated the police for the robbery at a foreign exchange bureau in Chinchinim in South Goa and said that the police would have to explain the lapses, which led to occurrence of the crime.
The Chief Minister said that despite three vacancies at the senior level (one Inspector General of Police and two Deputy Inspector Generals of Police) the police force has done well in maintaining law and order in the state. He said that a separate investigative wing would be created after the strength of police force was increased.
Asked to give details of the incident in which a seven-year-old girl of a school from Vasco was raped, he said that no breakthrough has been achieved as yet by the police, even as he said that police have got some leads, which could lead to cracking of the case.
Responding to queries from journalists during a press conference, the Chief Minister said that the law and order was alright in the state and attempts were being made by vested interests to “show” that there was collapse of it. He described the act of the vested interests as deplorable.
He blamed the previous government for the fall in policing standard and said that no efforts were made to train the police personnel in discharging their duties. He also said that some of the policemen, who do not meet the standards of policing, might have to be discharged from the force, which would be done after recruiting more police personnel.
The Chief Minister also said the process for recruitment of the police constables under his government has been stringent and of the 15,000 people who applied around 1,200 have qualified for final selection. He also said that besides 105 police sub-inspectors were also being recruited, which would help in better policing.
Asked to comment on whether he would take action against the Sports Minister, Mr Ramesh Tawadkar, and Law Commission chairman, Mr Narendra Sawaikar, on their being charge-sheeted by the Central Bureau of Investigation, in the same manner as was the case of Congress leader, Mr Dayanand Narvekar, he said that there was no comparison between the two cases.
He said that while the case against Mr Narvekar was that of corruption, his party leaders were involved in public agitation and were not involved in any violent action. He questioned the authenticity of Central Bureau of Investigation and said that the agency was actually “Congress Bureau of Investigation” and was being misused by the ruling party at the Centre. 
Stating that he has had personal experience of the agency being misused, Mr Parrikar said that when a case against him was being investigated, an official was sent to the state with directions to fix him. He said that nothing could be found to fix him. [NT]