No communal colour to Elvis’ transfer: Tawadkar


 In the eye of a row over the transfer of Elvis Gomes from the post of Director of Sports, Sports Minister Ramesh Tawadkar has said there’s nothing communal or vindictiveness in Gomes’ transfer, but could not explain the transfers of two officials from the minority community as Director of Sports in the last one year.
“I strongly deny that the transfer was based on communal considerations. If the decision was based on communal considerations, we would not have brought in Sandeep Jacques,” he said, when asked to comment on the transfer of Susan de Souza and Elvis Gomes from the post of Director since he assumed office a year ago.
Tawadkar sough to attribute the transfer of Elvis Gomes to the lack of coordination between the Director of Sports and the system relating to sports. “Where’s there’s absence of coordination, it affects the department’s functioning. That’s the reason why Gomes was shunted out from the Sports department”, he defended.
When his attention was drawn to protests raised by some groups from Cuncolim over the transfer of Elvis Gomes, Tawadkar said the transfer was an administrative matter within the domain of the government. 
And, he dismissed the reported threats issued from Cuncolim that he would not be allowed to cross the village in protest against the controversial transfer. “I don’t think that anyone has given such a threat, but if anyone has indeed given such a threat, I would not be cowed down,” he said.
A group of Cuncolim villagers led by former Cuncolim Municipal Chairperson Ramesh Desai had last week demanded to know the reasons behind the unceremonious transfer of Elvis Gomes, who hails from Cuncolim. “We want an answer from Tawadkar whether Elvis Gomes was transferred from the post for not saluting him or because of his inefficiency or any other reason. We are very much agitated that an efficient officer like Elvis Gomes has been transferred as Director of Sports, We strongly protest the move”, Desai said, adding that the Cuncolkars would like to see whether Tawadkar want to run the Sports department by sitting in Panjim or Canacona. [H]