‘No-parking zone’ turns into parking lot outside Dabolim airport

Tourists at Dabolim airport are often bemused to find a large number of vehicles parked along a no-parking zone outside the airport.
Though the illegal parking of private cars and tourist taxis along the highway has also posed a threat to other motorists, authorities have done little to tackle the situation and this has annoyed local residents and motorists alike.
“Parking of vehicles in no-parking area along the NH17 is not only against the law, but vehicles occupy half of the road causing traffic congestion. This is one of the causes for accidents in the area,” said a local, Samuel D’Silva.
Added Jairam Kudalkar: “Roads are meant for driving and riding, and not for parking of vehicles.”
What has angered these locals is the brazen manner in which private cars and tourist taxis are parked right in front of the ‘No Parking’ signboards, which have been notified by the South Goa collector.
Many owners of private and tourist vehicles prefer to park their cars in the no-parking area along the highway to avoid paying a fee at the designated parking zone.
When contacted, Vasco Traffic Cell PI Sudesh Narvekar said it is “practically impossible to deploy a crane to tow away these vehicles for the entire day.”
“Besides, offenders are penalised during peak hours when international and domestic flights land at the airport,” he said.
When asked about the other vehicles illegally parked during the day, Narvekar replied: “Registration numbers of vehicles are noted and notices are sent to their owners.”
“The parking area around Dabolim airport is less, but permits for taxis are increasing everyday. However, this problem will be sorted out once the airport parking area extension is completed,” added Narvekar.
What is also surprising is that the local panchayat has failed to take note of illegal parking around a no-parking zone demarcated by the South Goa collector. The panchayat has also not reported the matter to the Vasco Traffic Cell for necessary action.
When contacted, Chicalim Sarpanch Marie Mascarenhas admitted that the panchayat had not lodged any complaint in the matter.
However, Chicalim Panch and ex-sarpanch Anacleto D’Souza said they had received complaints from the locals regarding the illegal parking of vehicles.
“The panchayat will soon lodge a complaint with the Vasco Traffic Cell,” said D’Souza. [H]