No takers for Buddha film in India


 T he ‘ Soul of Asia: Cinema and Mysticism’, the special section introduced in the International Film Festival ( IFFI) 2012, aims to become the identity of the film fest in the years to come.
Speaking to media persons at the sidelines of IFFI, the curator of Soul of Asia, Meera Deewan said that they are hopeful that the section will become the internal and external identity of IFFI, from next year onwards.
Deewan claimed that the vision of the section is to screen Indian premiers of films made on the themes of Asian philosophies and philosophers, including Buddhism, Hinduism and other ancient mystic and ascetic traditions of Asia.
“ We will continue to give, if not quantity, quality films to the people,” she added. Films like the ‘ Buddha’, ‘ Confucius’, ‘ Light of Asia’, ‘ Samsara’, ‘ Mystic Iran: The Unseen World’, ‘ the Burmese Harp’ and ‘ The Great Pilgrim’ are some of the acclaimed entries in this section.
The award winning filmmaker David Grubin, while narrating about his flick ‘ The Buddha’, raised unhappiness for not being able to release the documentary in India.
He said that there are no takers for his documentary in India, even though it tells the story of the Buddha’s life, a journey especially relevant to our own bewildering times of violent change and spiritual confusion.
“ Being a Buddhist film documentary, I was looking for a Hindi translator for broadcasting the flick here but there were no takers for this documentary. I am happy that it got released in Goa,” he stated.
To this, Deewan explained that for last so many years, around 50- 60 documentaries, and several features films on Buddha have been made and broadcasted in India.
Aryana Farshad, director of ‘ Mystic Iran: The Unseen World’, narrated that her documentary is a bridge between the eastern and western Iran, which prohibited her from broadcasting the flick in Iran itself. “ It’s something on spiritual pilgrimage in Iran. It was a very difficult project to be made,” she said adding ‘ the flick never got broadcasted in Iran… I guess the right time has not come in’. Meera Deewan David Grubin Aryana Farshad Mayenkar. [H]