Non-utilised funds for tribal welfare


The Goa government will divert 12 per cent funds from the budget of five to six departments for putting into action the tribal sub plan, at the forthcoming budget sessions of the Legislative Assembly. It also plans to recruit 2,600 tribal youth to fulfil the 12 per cent employment reservations in government jobs.
Tribal Welfare Minister Ramesh Tawadkar told a press conference Monday that they will divert the money under tribal sub plan to Tribal Welfare Department as most of the government departments were not utilizing 12 per cent of their budgets allocated for tribal welfare. 
“In a survey conducted on this subject, it was found that many departments did not use the money under tribal sub plan. Even after we took over, the money for tribal welfare could not be diverted,” Tawadkar admitted.
The State government will place the budget before the assembly at the beginning of the session on March 18. 
“We have decided to divert the 12 per cent fund of five to six departments to the Tribal Welfare Department, which will route the funds to the concerned departments for properly utilizing it for the purpose it is meant for,” he said. 
A drive for filling vacancies meant for the Scheduled Tribes in various departments will also be taken up over the next one year. The department will recruit 2,600 tribal youth in government service to make up for the requirement of 12 per cent employment reservations. 
“We will identify the youth and recruit them. If there is no work available for them, they would be kept waiting till vacancies arise. During the interim period we will give them salaries,” the minister said. Similarly, several posts which were de-reserved by the former State government will be reserved again to recruit deserving youth belonging to this community.
A survey is presently underway to ascertain in how many departments reservations have not been made. [H]