Not got Aadhaar card yet? Fret not, e-copy of Aadhaar letter will do


The LPG consumers who have not got Aaadhaar cards can submit  e-Aadhaar letter to their respective gas dealer to avail subsidy on LPG cylinders.
The gas agencies have urged the consumers to visit the Aadhaar office situated at Junta House for inquiry; the consumers can download the e-aadhaar letter from Banks also accept the same to link bank accounts with the Aadhaar details.
Gas agencies in the city told ‘The Navhind Times’ that earlier it was announced that the people would have to submit their Aadhar details by 15 February in order to continue availing LPG subsidy and directly receive the amount in their bank accounts by linking the accounts with the Aadhar number. Now, the deadline for Aadhar linking has been extended up to March 15 which has given the much needed relief to the LPG consumers.
The LPG dealers revealed that 50 per cent of the consumers have submitted their Aadhar details and added that “we don’t accept acknowledgement slip of Aadhar card.”
Many consumers have now submitted Aadhar e-letters. “The e-copy of your Aadhar card is good enough, it is as good as Aadhar card,” revealed Mr Siddhart Nayak, the official looking after queries from the members of general public visiting Block Development Office, Junta House for Aadhar card inquiry.
Speaking to this daily, Mr Nayak stated that once you visit Aadhar website and you get resident portal then click on e-aadhar page and then fill the information it demands. He informed now-a-days the site is getting little jammed as every one is trying, so keep trying till you get details about your Aadhar.
Mr Nayak pointed that “those who did not receive their aadhar cards till date must visit the site to check the present status and if you want to generate e-Aadhar card  then click on e-Aadhar and feed the necessary information from acknowledgement slip and get the copy downloaded and this e-copy is valid for all purposes and it is as good as Aadhar card.”
He further stated that “if you have not got your Aadhar card then check date and agency which was appointed to cover your area for generating Aadhar cards. There were more than two agencies involved in collecting data and issuing Aadhar cards.”
“If you get the information on the Internet that your card has been  generated then only check it with the post office or if it is not generated and under generation then you would not get an e-copy,” he informed adding “here we don’t issue any cards, we are just here to check only the status of the cards. We don’t give you the e-copy. That you will have to get it done from a cyber café.’’ [NT]