Now, digital copiers, printers to 75 schools


The state government seems determined to transform the face of government schools. After providing them for the first time with telephone connections and buses to transport students free of cost, Goa is equipping 75 government high schools and higher secondary schools with digital photo copiers and printers at a total cost of over 32 lakh.

By March end, each of the 75 schools will get a digital copier cum printer costing over 41,000 per machine. The process of distribution of the machines to the schools has already begun. Government school headmasters at a meeting held by the director of education in June last year had briefed education officials about the poor infrastructure in government schools. The school heads had complained that schools had to stay shut on some days as both teachers and students could not reach the institutes located in rural areas due to lack of public transport.

They had pointed out that facilities like free bus service and telephone connections were provided to aided schools on priority basis, while government schools were ignored by the state. The headmasters had claimed that the neglect in providing infrastructure had played a part in the schools' students' poor performance at Class X.

The schools have also been allowed to bypass the regular long-drawn process of disposing unused furniture in government schools which occupies much of the space in the already limited available in the institutes as a one-time measure. [TOI]