Now, non-Goan wives will also get allowance


The state government has amended the griha aadhar scheme of monthly allowance to housewives to allow women from outside Goa married to Goans too to avail the scheme by producing only a three-year residential certificate.
The scheme has been amended for 'removal of difficulties in the implementation of griha aadhar'. The amendment states, "In case of a married woman, who is originally native from outside the state, and has married with a person who has been residing in Goa for last fifteen years, the applicant shall submit her certificate of residence in Goa for a minimum period of three years along with her birth certificate as a proof that she is native of outside Goa and 15 years residence certificate of her husband."
In order to address the problem of rising prices and to assist homemakers from middle, lower-middle and poor sections of society to maintain a reasonable standard of living for their families, the government of Goa has launched the griha adhar scheme. Run by the directorate of women and child development, it assists homemakers my providing them a monthly amount of 1,000.
Any married woman above the age of 18 is eligible to apply for benefits under this scheme but the beneficiary had to be mandatorily a resident of Goa for the last 15 years until the recent amendment. The gross income of the husband and wife taken together should not exceed Rs 3 lakh per annum to benefit from the scheme. [TOI]