Nuvem panchas taken to task

Confusion and commotion was witnessed during the Nuvem gram sabha held on Sunday, after a few locals pointed that the panchayat had failed to hold the special gram sabha, as assured in the previous gram sabha, to verify and confirm the list of the Below Poverty Line (BPL) nominees. The members of the gram demanded an explanation from the elected representatives and till this was done, refused to confirm and pass the minutes of the previous gram sabha.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, the sarpanch, Ms Filipa Baretto and the panchayat secretary said that the meeting continued without the minutes being confirmed and passed and that the gram sabha concluded at around 2.15 p.m. She said all the points and issues however were discussed.

The secretary Ms Nandita Manjrekar, read the audit report of the accounts, in which the auditors have pointed that the budget estimate prepared by the panchayat is unrealistic and fictitious, as variation between the budget estimates and the actual income and expenditure are huge. The report says that the practice adopted for preparation of the budget is defective and on account of this, these variations occur. The report further says that the panchayat framed a revised estimate on March 17, 2011, which is worse than the budget estimate as variations in the revised estimate have increased substantially.

The villagers resolved to oppose the government move to abolish house tax, saying that the government has decided to reimburse the amount to the panchayats, based on the average house tax collection of five years. If the panchayat failed to recover the dues and collects very less amount, the calculation will deprive the panchayat of much needed revenue, it was pointed. A debate then followed on the point and it was resolved to write to the government regarding the same.

The members of the gram sabha resolved to bring the post office and the fair price shop under one roof. It was also suggested that the facility to pay water and electricity bills be made available in the village as senior citizens find it difficult to travel and stand in queue. The issue of the construction of the bhunds was also discussed with one villager saying that the rabi crop this year has suffered due to delay in bhund construction. He suggested that the panchayat body should write to the department of irrigation in this regard. The panchayat body was urged to be prompt in their correspondence. The issue of garbage was also discussed at the gram sabha. [NT]