Nuvem resident complains of damage to paddy crop

Crop in Nuvem has been affected due to the delay caused in closing sluice gates, complained a Nuvem resident, Mr Jose Roque Andrade to the sarpanch, Ms  Filipa Barretto.

Mr Andrade said that the timely closure of the first sluice gate at Rumder was not done and as such the standing crop in the other areas was affected.
“Cultivation gets affected if these sluice gates are not closed on time.  Earlier, when the comunidade used to close the bandhs, all fields were harvested in time otherwise disciplinary actions were taken. The local farmers are cultivating two paddy crops — kharif and rabi,’’ he informed in the letter.
According to the farmers, there are three main sluice gates which help irrigation of double crop in Nuvem — one at Rumder, another one at near Church and the last one near a showroom. The timely closure of the sluice gate at Rumder by September 25 is required. If the first few cultivated holdings (bandio) are not harvested for various reasons like non-availability of labour, machine or crop not being mature,  water gushes into other areas and crop is damaged.
Mr Andrade had urged the elected representatives to discuss the issue at the gram sabha on Sunday.
The issue was highlighted at the gram sabha. Sarpanch, Ms  Barretto, assured that they will insist with the concerned authorities to close down the sluice gates on time. [NT]