Nuvem villagers want Mopa airport project scrapped


The villagers of Nuvem during the gram sabha, on Sunday, resolved to demand the scrapping of  the Mopa  airport project and insisted on  fully developing the existing Dabolim airport.
Now, with the resolution passed at the Nuvem gram sabha, the people from the entire Salcete block of 30 panchayats have registered their opposition to the government’s move to construct an airport at Mopa.
The villagers stressed that the government should upgrade the  Dabolim airport with all the facilities and should immediately scrap the  Mopa airport project.
“If  the Mopa  airport  is built as an international airport then slowly the Dabolim  airport may be closed for civilians and  the people of South and more particularly the people of Salcete would be  badly affected. Therefore, we request to pass a resolution to scrap the Mopa airport  project,’’ stated Mr Jose Roque Andrade.
The villagers also passed  the budget of Rs 1 crore for the next financial year, after  suggesting  some corrections to it. The sarpanch, Mr  Ruben D’Costa said that the  projected income is Rs 1 crore while  the estimated  expenditure for the  financial year is  around Rs 66.5 lakh.
Mr D’Costa explained the importance of passing the  budget this time, as otherwise  a special request has to be sent for expenditure for the month of April.
The villagers strongly opposed the installations of mobile towers. They  questioned the sarpanch as to how  a new mobile tower is installed in the village. To this, the sarpanch said that  he will  go through the legal aspect of it before taking any decision on it. Discussions were also held on the construction of the bundhs (sluice  gates).
While  Mr Everson Vales  suggested to have concrete  bundhs  as traditional  bundhs often breach, Ms Zarina D’Cunha opposed to it saying that the  Department of  Water Resources has advised to continue with the  traditional way of constructing  the bundhs.
She also demanded to refer the suggestion to the said department.
Nevertheless, the zilla panchayat member, Mr Wilfred D’Sa informed that  the process of  construction has already been started and that the department  requires  NOC from the panchayat. The panchayat passed the resolution to this effect.
The villagers asked the sarpanch to explain whether the compliance  report has been sent to the auditors, who had raised some queries about the panchayat affairs during the last couple of years.  “The BDO has given a deadline of March 31 to reply  to the  auditors. We will send the  compliance report and a copy will be  also given to the  villagers,’’ the sarpanch said, promising that such a folly would not be repeated further.
All the panchayat members were present for the meeting. Though  the attendance was poor, the  gram sabha continued till 1 p.m.   [NT]