ODPs opened to benefit builders: GBA


Despite repeated assurances by the government, including by the chief minister, that ODPs of Panjim, Mapusa and Taleigao were being opened up only for ‘minor’ technical corrections, the ground reality is that the opportunity is being used by builders to seek change of zoning from residential to commercial, Goa Bachao Abhiyan alleged. 
 Citing the example of Greenland Co-op Housing Society, where a builder M/s Karandikar is seeking conversion of the zone of the plot from S1 to C1, Sabina Martins of GBA said that the ground reality is very different from what was claimed by the government and politicians. . 
“In their efforts to coerce the inhabitants of the Housing Society they openly state their plan to receive double FAR accorded to Commercial and construct double the number of flats which are residential,” Dr Sabina Martins of the GBA said. 
The builder has already circulated a letter among the residents of the colony seeking their consent for changing in the zone citing the possibility of higher FAR availability once the zone is changed. 
“We are back to the same old ways of piecemeal planning where each survey number has a different zone,” Miguel Braganza another GBA member said. 
The GBA has also reiterated its demand that the ODPs be included in the Regional Plan and that there should be “One Goa, One Plan.”
“With the delay in forming any clear planning body for finalizing the regional plan, and no attempt made at its completion, there is indication that the entire process of five years will degenerate into an ODP-like chaos,” Martins said. 
GBA even referred to the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s submission before the Task Force during the original planning process, wherein he has clearly recommended that “the ODP Plan should be reflected in the Regional Plan 2021 so that PDAs cannot operate in isolation.” 
Among his other recommendations are suggestion that Goa does not need vertical high rise growth, satellite townships etc, given the population. [H]