OGRM complains about illegal land-filling at Orlim


 Ms Shanty Fortes, on Tuesday, under the banner of Orlim Guan Rakhon Manch (OGRM) complained to the senior town planner and the flying squad, that massive land filling is going on at low lying fields at Orlim, without the required permission being obtained.
The flying squad visited the spot but could not stop the work. They said the builder has the licence in principle and that they will report the matter to the office, said Ms Kim Miranda. The locals alleged that the builder enjoyed the patronage of a politician.
The locals alleged further that the builder had not taken permission under Section 17A in the low lying area as per the public grievances held in 2010 and water resources department.
Though the work was stopped in between by the TCP and the panchayat, it restarted after the file was cleared by the government.
"The Chief Minister on November 5, 2012 had instructed the builder to construct proper drains for the water before going ahead with the construction, but the same Chief Minister on November 12, 2012, said that since the monsoon is over the builder can go ahead with the works and complete it before the next monsoon. This shows that the government is encouraging the builder," alleged Ms Miranda.
Ms Fortes said the builder had bulldozed his way into the neighbouring properties and that the locals are "fighting a losing battle." [NT]