On lawyer’s advice, rape victim’s dad calls off strike


The father of the seven-year-old rape victim who was on a hunger strike to protest the "police lethargy" in the investigation, called off his hunger strike after four-and-a-half hours.
He told mediapersons, "My advocate Aires Rodrigues instructed me to call off my strike as he has already begun with the legal procedure in the case."
At about 7.30am on Wednesday, the father of the victim sat opposite his daughter's school gate at Sada. He was accompanied by a group of parents. Police were also seen in the area. Later, at 12 noon, Rodrigues came to him and informed him that the case has already been put before the children's court, Panaji, and the police would be called for a hearing on Monday. "As I was assured that the authorities would be taken to task for the lethargy in the investigation, I called off my strike."
The father had warned the deputy collector of going on a hunger strike until the rape accused is arrested by the crime branch. [TOI]