Opposition says it’s a debt-trap


The Opposition termed the budget as one that would take the state into a debt-trap because of over-dependence on market borrowings and the assumption of receiving central government funds. 
Addressing media persons after the budget session, Leader of Opposition Pratapsing Rane said Parrikar’s projections were unrealistic. 
 “Last year he had said that he would achieve 6% growth in agriculture. This year he makes no mention of whether that growth has been achieved or not. And as we see all fields are lying fallow. This year again he has said that we will achieve that growth. This is not realistic,” Rane said. 
Former Health Minister Vishwajit Rane hit out at the government for increasing the state’s debt. 
“Based on assumptions, he is giving a feel-good factor. This is not going to solve the problem. By making people feel that the revenues are safe, (it) is misleading them. He is taking the state into a debt-trap,” Vishwajit said. 
 “Everybody knows that market borrowings are not cheap. He is masking the figures,” Vishwajit said, hitting out at the government for the mounting fiscal deficit.
They questioned Parrikar’s figures and assumptions, writing off his proposals to achieve the growth that he had projected in the budget and terming it unrealistic. [H]